Harvested Sunshine

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  • Me: So how many weeks of sabbatical do you have left?
  • Dad: Two.
  • Me: When are you going to use them?
  • Dad: When I help you move in.
  • Me: That doesn't take two weeks!
  • Dad: Right, so I spend one or two days helping you move in and the rest for celebration.
  • Me: What celebration?
  • Dad: Celebrating independence.
  • Me: From what?
  • Dad: You.
  • --
  • Dad: What's the most scenic highway we were on? Highway 39?
  • Me: No, Dad. It's Highway 93. Dyslexic, much?
  • Dad: Well, when you go backwards, it's Highway 39.

Welcomed Back

  • Me: *coughing hysterically after attempting to drink water* Why does no one care that I'm coughing?!
  • Dad: Yes. Please be quieter.

Officially Done!

It still hasn’t hit me that I’m officially a UT graduate from the Cockrell School of Engineering, but maybe it’s ‘cause it’s only been 2 hours since I walked the stage. Either way, to keep it short ‘n sweet, thanks for all the support everyone has given me to help me get to this point in my life. It’s been quite the rough journey, but all stories have its fair share of ups and downs, and I’m glad I was able to find a group of people on which I could depend. Cheers to the closest and best of friends!


Wrote most of this yesterday, but never published it. Pretend like it’s still Thursday.

Sharud and I ventured back to elementary school today and it was one of the most heart-warming visits back to school. It’s amazing to see how we’ve grown both physically and intellectually. We both wandered the simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar halls admiring the kids’ artwork and reminiscing about old posters that used to hang on the walls. It was unbelievable that some teachers still remembered us since it’s been more than a decade. We ran into the music teacher there and she was so happy that we visited. After congratulating us on finishing college, I told her that I still had all the magnets from the shows we sung in elementary school, and when we visited the art teacher, I told her that I still kept all my various artwork, too. They said their favorite part of being a teacher is being able to see us when we’re older and successful, but I honestly wouldn’t have gotten here without all of their help and guidance along the way. My first grade teacher said that visiting her today made her week month. The elementary school had just opened when I started first grade, so it was her first first-grade class ever!

All the teachers I visited with today were so friendly - maybe a little too friendly. We discussed drinks, joked about drugs, and simply talked about working life. I’m so glad I was given the chance to go to a school like Canyon Creek and have the teachers I did 15 years ago. They’ve paved the way for all my future successes, and I am grateful for all they’ve done for me.image

^Favorite elementary school teacher!


Remember when that was a thing? So I got a pleasant email this morning from 18-year-old me. It’s refreshing to know that I no longer type like that, ha. In all seriousness, it’s actually comforting to know that I have accomplished as much as I did the past four years. Here’s to the future.

Dear FutureMe,
So you’re done with UT, hm? That’s pretty awesome. As an 18 year old now, not even in college, I can merely toy with the idea of being a college student. I hope you haven’t made any horrible choices. A drink or two’s okay, but I hope you haven’t felt like what a hangover feels…or gotten pregnant. Ha, that’d be bad. Mom would disown you. Anyway, I hope that you have a set intern/job/money flow established by now. Or have you changed plans and applied to some grad schools already? Taking a year break in-between? Still interested in Engineering? I also hope you didn’t break off any ties from old friends, like the ones in the NE. Facebook should be a pretty good connecting site, though. On a related note, I hope you met new friends, too. If you have not met 50 new people within 4 years’ time, I don’t know what to say.
Hm, recently your old you has been struggling with picking out colleges, if you still remember that. I hope you are still proud of your decision of going to UT. And look at that! You’re about to graduate, too! (Right?) Hope you did awesome on your exams, because APs are owning right now. :[ Yeah, remember Stat and Calc? Lolsy. Physics next week, too. Super lolsy.
Anyway, just wanted to try this thing out for the first time ever. I’ve been meaning to do it, but just never got around to it. I hope you don’t remember about it (until now), even though you do tend to remember the insignificant things in life…
So graduation. Your old you is graduating in 16 school days which also translates to 23 total days. Your old you hasn’t gone through the traumatizing thought that everyone’s leaving. Sure, most will be going to UT so it’ll be like another WW fest, but there are others who are going out-of-state, too. Your old you thinks she’s going to cry at graduation, but we’ll see how that turns out, too. I’m sure you’re going through that now, too, but on a larger scale? Please be sure to keep in touch with the people who you care dearly about. There aren’t many people like that in the world :]
You’ll be off soon doing amazing things. Be proud of yourself for getting this far!
With love,
18-year old Rebecca

The Last Spring Break

So it’s been a pretty eventful spring break, particularly the past 2 days. I finally went down to explore the craziness of SX and got tickets to sit in Jimmy Kimmel Live!


It’s a super blurry picture of Jimmy and Gaga, but it was still pretty cool seeing what goes on during commercials, how quickly and efficiently everything is set up, and what gets edited to make a seamless end product that’s later aired for the rest of America to see.

After the taping, the digits of pi were written in the sky by jets and I was nerding out hardcore. TOO COOL TO MISS. Only got the hashtag at the end, though…


And then I got an email regarding my graduation application this afternoon!


Crazy times, guys, crazy times.

My boss bullies me and has an attitude problem, so this response was almost sent because I’m fed up with her. My friends are sticks in the mud and didn’t let me.

My boss bullies me and has an attitude problem, so this response was almost sent because I’m fed up with her. My friends are sticks in the mud and didn’t let me.

Basically, Texans lose all their shit when it gets too cold, so school was cancelled, yay! The first place we went once we heard the news? School.

Eve of the Last First Day of Class (Ever?!)

It’s 14 hours before my first class tomorrow. Many people have asked, “How do you feel?” I’m weary. I’m energized. I’m anxious. I’m ecstatic. I’m indifferent. I don’t know what or how to feel. I want the semester to be over as soon as possible, but I also want to enjoy spending time with friends without knowing that time is ticking away. It’s almost like a peeling off a band-aid - the quicker you pull, the less it’ll hurt. All the spring time events and activities is the same old song and dance, though there are some new things to try out and see. I think the bottom line is that I just really want to play and explore and not have to worry about classes. Last semesters are meant for fun. They’re meant for carefree days. They’re meant for coasting. Based off the past 7 semesters, though, it’s difficult to imagine such a scenario, and that’s what’s truly making me apathetic about it all.